Family_ToolboxLogo-New_jpgThe following post was taken from the notes of a parenting seminar with Dr. Rodney Navey. If you have further questions about the subject matter or the “Family Toolbox” just click on the picture to the left.
5 Lessons I would want New Parents to Learn
1. Parent from the Scriptures, 2 Tim 3:16-17
Not from Tradition (Family, Friends, “Andy Griffith,” “Leave it to Beaver”)
Not from Trends (TV, Movies, Neighbors, or even some Christian friends)

2. Parent for the heart (not just behavior)
Children are born with a sin nature, Ps 51:5; Jer 17:9
They will struggle with it the rest of their lives, Rom 7
Invest time, have fun. Enjoy life with them. Laugh together/relationship.
*One of the biggest heart issues is authority (Eph 6:1-3; Prov 22:15).
**Pray for them

3. Parent with a Goal, Ps 78:5-7; Ps 127:3-4 (Multiply a godly legacy, glory to God through the generations – generational discipleship).

4. Parent with a Strategy
Family Worship – Scrip/Prayer
Family Fun night (games, food, etc)
Vacations (relationship/fun)
Date night (teach/model priorities)

5. Parent according to Maturity (see big picture).

`     Stage                           Parent’s Role                           Devotional approach

Preschool (B-4’s)         Cop                                          Daily

Childhood (5’s-15)       Coach                                      Individual/Daily

Young Adult (16+)       Consultant                               Weekly

Ted Tripp. Shepherding a Child’s Heart
William Farley. Gospel Powered Parenting
Sally Lloyd-Jones. The Jesus Storybook Bible