family crest1Family matters to us. Several years ago my Aunt made the family crest you see to the right. Together we wrote the following description of the items in the crest to remind us of God’s goodness in our family. As you read, I hope it will be an encouragement to you to work on your family legacy as well.

The Cross – represents a Christian heritage and the saving grace found only in Christ Jesus that has carried our family through the good times and bad. Jesus has been our Refuge and Redeemer.  – Our family came to Union County, NC, when Grandpa Bartley left the Charlotte area to play the organ at Benton Crossroads Baptist Church. The love of music continued in our family with Bartley’s son, Clegg who was able to play the piano, banjo, guitar – almost every instrument. We have a lot of talent in this area – many of Clegg and Doris’ children and grandchildren can sing and play musical instruments. The Horn of Plenty – Doris always made it a point to feed the hungry, even if she had to take it to them. She had an open door policy on anyone who was hungry. All the men who worked for Clegg were always welcome to the dinner table. It seemed that no matter how many she fed, there was never a shortage of food. People still recall today eating at the Wooten house. Doris was a special person and her cupboard was always full. Heart – honors all the women in the family because they have helped to sustain us all. Grandmother, Mother, Aunts, Sisters – have all been very supportive. The home has to have a mother with a sweet, but determined heart to help carry the family forward. Our family has been blessed with such women. Hammer & Nails – Up until the present generation, our family mostly have earned a living in the construction and roofing industry. Hard work and living by the sweat of the brow are no strangers to the Wooten family. We are grateful to God for all the blessings He has given us. It is our prayer that this family crest will be a reminder of His grace and mercy in our lives.